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    Design concept

    Design concept Designed by Man 

    Designed by Man offers sturdy and industrial furniture. These are a perfect gift for men, but also ideal to use yourself. The jerrycans can be used as furniture in the house, room or man cave. Our products create an industrial and tough style.

    Product designs Designed by Man

    We offer steel jerry cans, but mainly sturdy products are made from these jerry cans. The canisters used to make the products are powder coated. These canisters are available in green, red, black, white, yellow and light blue. Other colours are possible upon request.

    Every day, Designed by Man employees produce the jerrycans in the workshop. To make a jerrycan gift set or jerrycan bar, there are a number of steps:

    The jerrycan is nibbled open.

    Hinges are placed on the gnawed open jerry can.
    The sharp edges of the can and the door are covered with lace trim.
    The door is reattached to the can.
    The lock is made on the can.

    After these steps, the can is ready. A canister with a door has now been made. The second step in the process is to create an interior. Designed by man offers several types of interiors.  

    Interiors for the 10L jerry cans:
    - Jerrycan minibar
    - Bacardi giftset
    - The stillery giftset
    - Jack Daniels giftset
    - Wine giftset
    - His & Hers giftset
    - Jerry can 10L giftset

    Interiors for the 20L jerrycans:
    - Jerrycan bar
    - Jerrycan wine bar
    - Jerrycan gin bar
    - Jerrycan His & Hers bar

    These wooden interiors are stained. This creates a tough look. The interior of the jerrycan can be filled with liquor for example. On the website are some examples of how the jerry can be filled. Each interior has room for glasses and a bottle of liquor.

    From the 5L jerrycan, packages are made of Christmas hampers and packages with small liquor bottles. This canister can also be ordered empty, of course. So the canister can be filled to your own requirements.

    In addition to the bars and gift sets, there is also a gift box, aquarium and a lamp designed from the jerrycans.

    The gift box is a different concept. In the gift box, the top of the jerry can is ground off. Again, the sharp edges are covered with edge trim. Furthermore, four locks are applied. Now the top of the canister can function as a lid. The gift box can be ordered with or without filling. The filling consists of Hertog Jan, Heineken or Leffe beer. The gift box can also be filled according to your own wishes. The product is available in 10 and 20-litre jerrycan sizes.

    The aquarium is made from a 20L jerry can. The production of the aquarium is the same as for the gift box. However, with the aquarium, a piece is also taken out of the front of the jerry can. This makes it possible to see the glass container. At home, only the aquarium needs to be filled. The jerry can also include a LED bulb. This lamp provides an atmospheric appearance.

    Finally, there is also a floor lamp designed for the 20L jerry can. The floor lamp is equipped with a three-legged base. Three lamps are made in the jerrycan. It is a lamp that fits into an industrial interior.  

    Designed by Man is working every day to optimize the products. This is so that the quality of the products continues to improve.

    The products

    We offer cool products such as jerrycan gift sets, and jerrycan bars, but also cool jerrycan furniture. Feel free to take a look at our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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