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    Jack daniels giftset

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    The Jack Daniels Giftset is delivered without drinks, including 2 Tumbler glasses 30cl as standard.

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    • Cool and Unique gift!
    • Delivered within 4 workdays
    • Free shipping from €75.-
    • Handmade in Holland

    Product description

    The Jack Daniels Gift Set

    Why Jack Daniels?

    Jack Daniels one of the tastiest whiskeys that is also affordable according to many people. It is also a whiskey that excludes itself from other whiskeys because it is distilled in a special way: First, the main ingredient is corn. This whiskey also undergoes the process called charcoal filtering which gives a unique taste to the whiskey. That is why this whiskey fits perfectly in our Jack Daniels Giftset, because just like our jerry can bar, Jack Daniels is also special.

    What types of Jack Daniels are there?

    In total there are 4 different types of whiskey: Black label, Green label, Single barrel and Gentleman Jack. Of course Jack Daniels has many more products but all these products have one of these 4 types of whiskey in them. Black label also known as Jack Daniel's old No. 7 is the most sold brand and has an alcohol content of 40%. Then you have the Green label, this is a four-year whiskey also with a percentage of 40%. The difference with this species lies in the maturing process, because the barrels are stored in the open air, so that the wood of the barrels breathes differently when they are stored indoors. The Single Barrel is a special whiskey with an alcohol percentage of 45%. The main distiller chooses special barrels and the whiskey contained in these is filled into the bottles unprocessed. About 1 in 100 barrels is chosen for this. The bottles are signed and provided with the number of the corresponding barrel. Finally, we have the Gentleman Jack, this strain is the only one that goes through the charcoal filtering process twice. Once before aging in the barrel and again afterwards. This whiskey has a percentage of 40%

    How is the Jack Daniels Giftset made?

    All our products are made by 2 employees who work hard every day in the workshop. To make a Jack Daniels Giftset, the correct jerry can must first be cut open, in this case a 10L. The hinges are placed as soon as the jerry can has been cut open. The next step is to tape the jerry can, this covers the sharp parts of the jerry can so you don't cut yourself on it. As soon as the edge finishing profile has been applied, we can fasten the door and apply the lock. At this point, the first step is done. The second step is to make the interior of wood, this is really custom work because if it is too big, it will not fit. The moment the interior is ready, it is secured in the jerry can and after the glue has dried, it is ready.

    If you are interested in making your own bar, we also have a DIY package for the enthusiast.



    Why buy a Jack Daniels Gift Set?

    To give Jack Daniels as a gift to an enthusiast is of course a bit standard. That is why a gift set is a very nice addition to the Jack Daniels itself. Or is the gift set for yourself also a best option. Then take it with you when you go on vacation or go out with friends for a day. Or put it in your man cave and everyone will notice what a cool thing that is.

    Want to buy a Jack Daniels Gift Set?

    When buying the gift set, you should pay close attention to which options you specify. The Jack Daniels gift set with drink is an option and is not standard. If you want the jerry can with alcohol, you must check this option when ordering. You can also choose from different colors of red, green and black when ordering. Finally, you can also choose whether you want suspension holes in the jerry can or not.



    Jack daniels gift set black comes standard with 2 whiskey glasses.


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