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    The origin of the jerry can

    The jerry can be originally a portable tank for liquids of up to 20 litres. It was developed in 1936 by Eisenwerke Müller & Co. In preparation for the war. However, the name does not come from the Germans, the British came up with it. The name came about based on the name that the British gave a German soldier, namely "Jerry", the cans that they looted from the Germans, so they called Jerry cans. But we at Designed By Man do not use these Jerrycans to refuel our tank, but for our unique products such as the bar, giftsets, lamp and aquacan, which are all made from a jerrycan.

    What kind of jerry cans are there?

    You have different types of jerry cans such as the military model this is one of the most famous. They are found in two different materials plastic and steel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic is lighter, more durable and cheaper. Steel jerry cans have the advantage that they last longer and are better for storage. This is because plastic can still expand or shrink. You also have different sizes of jerry cans, the most common sizes are 5, 10 and 20 litres.

    What are the uses of a jerry can?

    Jerry cans can be used for various purposes such as storing gasoline in the car as a reserve fuel. It is useful if you use the jerry can for this purpose to purchase a pouring spout. A jerry can also be used for water storage or even gas. For water, it is best to use the Plastics variant because it contains fewer harmful substances. At Designed By Man we use the military jerry cans for our jerry can bar and the other products I mentioned earlier.

    Want to buy a jerry can?

    Then choose these high-quality Jerry cans with clip closure. All Designed by Man jerry cans are approved by UN, TUV and BAM. The inside of the steel jerry cans has a petrol-resistant coating. All our jerry cans are produced in Europe. Because these are produced in Europe, they meet the strictest possible requirements. Many merchants sell jerry cans from China. These Jerry cans often do not comply with European legislation. We have different sizes of jerry cans, namely 5, 10 and 20 litres. All these jerry cans have different colours of red, black and green. We also have special colours such as camouflage in beige and green.

    Jerry can accessories

    At Designed By Man, we have various accessories for jerry cans. For example, consider a holder for the jerry can, which we have in 3 versions. One is just a frame that goes around the jerry can. The other is a holder with a bracket or with a belt. These are ideal items to easily transport the jerry can in a safe way. Another advantage of the holder with a bracket is that it can be locked so that no one can steal your petrol. We also have pouring spouts in the range in a steel version and rubber. These products are useful if you plan to regularly refuel appliances without spilling. The pouring spouts fit all our jerry cans so don't worry about that.

    Jerry can bar!

    Have you seen our cool jerry can bar? We also produce these products from the jerry cans that we offer you here. The jerry can bar is a handmade product ideal for the drink enthusiast or for someone who likes cool products that are also efficient. Take a look at our website, maybe there is something in there that you say I really must have.
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