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    Jerrycan Bar

    At Designed By Man we make our own unique Jerrycan products. Like the Jerrycan bar of this, we have four different editions.

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    Our jerry can bar

    At Designed By Man, we make our own unique Jerrycan products. Like the Jerrycan bar of this, we have four different editions:

    • Standard bar
    • Wine bar
    • Gin bar
    • His & Hers bar

    Because we have different types, there is something for everyone to choose from. Our products are made from different sizes of jerry cans 5, 10 and 20 litres. We also have other products than just the bar, but it is better to look at the site yourself.

    How could the idea of the jerry bar come about?

    Like all good products, the Jerrycan bar started with an idea. It started with two friends buying empty jerry cans and dragging them open. Then a wooden interior was installed and the door was put on it. To see if this idea could be realized into something big, they placed the product on Facebook. In no time the bar was bought and there was more demand for this product. Now thousands of jerry cans are made and sold every year mainly through B2B.

    What can you use our jerry can bar for?

    You can use our special jerry can bar on all occasions, such as a day out, a party or just in the man cave. We also have many other products that are all slightly different, such as the Jerrycan Kast basic+. Here you can store all kinds of things such as your care items or your keys, wallet, etc.

    This is how you make a jerry can bar!

    All our products are made by 2 employees who work hard every day in the workshop to prepare your orders. To make a jerry can bar, it must first be opened. Then the hinges are placed on the jerry can. We will then tape the jerry can, this covers the sharp parts of the jerry can. As soon as the edge finishing profile is around it, we can fasten the door and apply the lock. At this point, the first step is done. The second step is to make the interior of wood, this is custom work because if it is too big, it will not fit. The moment the interior is ready, it is secured in the jerry can and after the glue has dried, it is ready. If you are interested in making your own bar, we also have a DIY package for the enthusiast.


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